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Straight Blond Footballing Ace Ben's First Blow Job From a Man
Blond straight essex footballer Ben strips off for the camera to show off his toned body and gets a bit of a surprise when Dan pulls his trackies down within a minute and fondles his balls from behind! Dan strips Ben, and storkes his cock and balls before moving Ben to the bed so that he can lay down while Dan gets his mouth around Ben's hardening cock. Ben climbs over to shove his cock into Dan's face, and Dan pulls apart Ben's bum cheeks to show of his hole to the camera. Dan takes over being cameraman for a while to get close up of Ben wanking off, before Dan takes control and makes Ben shoot over his abs.

Young Muscular Personal Trainer Lewis Shows off That Muscular Body & Solid Uncut Erection!
Lewis is a young personal trainer who has discovered it is as rewarding to train someone as take your clothes off and show off on camera! He is tall and muscular with a really lean and ripped body and just a sprinkling of hair in the right places. Lewis is pretty relaxed with no clothes on and he just smiles some more, he has one of those growers, his uncut cock is a little shy at the beginning, but once touched he pumps it up into an impressive erection that throbs in time with his heart rate! Lewis puts on a great show, his hole is slightly hairy, his erection is even harder and just check out those nice big streams of cum! Another straight lad very happy.

Tall & Athletic Young Straight Hunk Josh gets his First Man Blow Job - and a Good Rimming!
It's a bit of a treat for Justin today as Josh gets experimental and allows Justin to be the first guy to give him a blow job! Justin gets straight to action by stripping Josh's top off and playing with his nipples - Josh loves it and before he knows what is happening Justin has his hand round Josh's impressive bulge in his jeans - Justin pulls down Josh's jeans and coaxes his balls and already hard cock out of his boxers to taste. Josh sits back and allows Justin to greedily take his entire length down his throat. Josh clearly enjoys it, and doesn't take much persuading to pull his legs back and allow Justin's tongue to explore his ass - Josh's first rimming from a guy. Justin goes back to Josh's now rock hard cock and brings him to the edge of cumming. Josh shoots, and takes Justin by surprise as it gets him right in the eye and splatters his face! Nice shot Josh!

Tall, Lean Straight Young Lad Damian Strips Down & Shows off His Uncut Rocket Cock!
Damian is one of these laid back lads that is as comfortable in his clothes as stark naked and I guess he is proud of his body and he loves to show off his tattoos so no need to wear anything. When clothed he looks innocent, when naked he smiles more and plays with his uncut cock a lot. Soft it looks great and when hard he has one of those ab slapping types. Damian shows off his smooth body, hairy legs and legs up his nearly hair free hole looks just lush! A little bit of playing later and Damian lies back and unloads.

Straight Young Pup Cameron - His 1st Manhandling with Extras - The Purple Dildo Returns!
It is one of the hottest days of the year and Cameron’s pale skin needs some protection from the sun, so Dan is on hand to slip, slap, slop! Cameron is soon having his peachy bum rubbed in cream and when he turns round there is a nice surprise, his uncut cock is already at half mast! Dan is then the lucky lad to be the 1st to manhandle Cameron’s nice stiff uncut erection, which rises to a very stiff flag pole! Dan then gets Cameron in doggie and teases his hole with a finger and quickly rams in the purple toy! Wow, Cameron you are horny as fuck today, Dan dildo’s his ass and they share the wanking before its all too much and Cameron is gushes load of nice cum over himself! Don’t we love straight lads who like the word YES!

Young Straight Rugby Pup Hector Strips & Shows off His Very Erect Rocket Cock!
Hector is a young rugby player who has discovered it can be fun to take off your clothes as the result with Hector is his cock gets rock hard and we don’t get to see it soft! His body is lean and toned and has a nice sprinkling of hair, his legs real hairy. He discovers getting naked and showing off on camera really turns him on so watch this young sports man showing off his body, his hairy hole and ending it all with a nice load on his abs.

Tall & Lean Young Straight French Pup Vince Shows off his Big Uncut Cock!
Vince is a really relaxed model, very happy to be out of his clothes, so this shoot is really easy going and fun. He has a very sexy French accent, and he is handsome - he has an infectious smile and sexy lips. He's more than happy to show off his lean, nicely tanned, body. It's got great definition, and he's fairly smooth except for some light hair on his legs and some running from his abs to his cock! His long uncut cock has a gentle curve to it and once he gets excited it gets really hard and stays solid until he unloads! He has big heavy balls, and when he shows off his hairy hole by kneeling on the bed, there's a great view with his big balls dangling underneath his inviting bum cheeks! When he cums he sprays a big load - his first shot fires into the air, and the rest splatters over his abs. He looks really pleased with himself as he jumps into the shower!

Young Str8 PT Lewis Shows off his Muscular Body & Solid Uncut Cock!
Young blond personal trainer Lewis is an easy going guy who is very accommodating in allowing us to see what he looks like without his clothes, I wonder if his clients are as lucky! He has a selection of shorts and underwear and we're treated to viewing of him stripping off and getting into them, before he gets his uncut cock hard and shows us what happens when he gets excited! Lewis has a great body - very muscular chest and arms, but lean too, so his definition is great. His blond hair is on show around his balls and he is happy to pull his legs into the air to show us his tight hole, with soft blond hair around there too! He jerks off hard, and unloads a big, thick load over his hands and fingers, a real sticky mess!

Tall & Blond Straight Footballer Andrew Shows off his Hairy Body & Impressive Uncut Erection!

Andrew is a tall and incredibly defined young footballer who likes to show off his body and looks fantastic in the sunshine with the sun catching all that blond fuzz! He is real proud of his body and seems to be more comfortable with nothing on and you can enjoy his nice uncut cock that hangs down long pushed forward by his dangly balls! Andrew pumps up his uncut cock to a nice semi and his throbbing cock is soon standing proud. Luckily he is not shy about showing off his ass and check out that hole, there is an incredible amount of blond curly hairs round it. After a nice relaxing wank in the sun he sits back and knocks out a real nice load all over his leg and floor. Another super athletic straight lad happy to unload on camera.

Confident Young Straight Pup Scott Shows off his Hard Body & Rocket Cock!

Scott is a young straight man I met when he came round my house to do some electrical work; before he knew it he was naked in front of my camera, it was a nice hot say so he strips down to his boxers on the roof and shows off his perfectly toned body. He is quite hairy on his legs and a sprinkling on his body and one of those nice lively cocks, that comes out a bit semi and stands up like a nice rocket. Not shy he shows us his very shapely peach and then bends over and shows off that lightly fuzzed hole. After all the teasing and sunshine he is soon lying down, tensing and unloading cum on his abs. Not a bad first shoot!

Hunky Straight Personal Trainer Sam Shows Off His Uncut Cock and Hole

Sam is an attractive guy, oozing with confidence and more besides! He has an enviable body, he is bubbly and blue eyed and has cheeky grin and he shows off his personality AND body in this shoot! He reveals his trained, but natural, body to us - he's got great muscle definition, and we're eager to see the main muscle - we coax him to pull off his boxers and like what we see - a nicely sized cock, which is happy to say hello and get some attention! Sam is really happy to show off his body, even pulling apart his bum cheeks and giving us a nice view of his tight hole. He's very happy playing with his cock on the bed and when he's ready to shoot his balls tighten and he cums really fair over his firm body.. yum! He gives us one last cheeky, knowing grin while he's rinsing off in the shower! I think he might be up for more adventures on the site, if our members approve!

Muscular Straight Lad Alfie Gets his First Manhandling of That Big Uncut Cock!

Alfie has been resisting our offers of doing a massage for some time; today he decided to give it a go and although he was a little nervous about letting a guy manhandle him he lay back and enjoyed having a great massage and being tossed by a guy for the first time! Alfie has one of those naturally muscled bodies with great definition and a sprinkling of fine blond fuss on his body and pretty hairy muscular legs. Once naked you can enjoy his uncut cock which swells into a big trunk and he hasn’t done a thing yet! He does a great job, enjoys the massage and unloads his cum on his hairy abs. Well done Alfie!

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