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Starting off with an interview, looking super cute in his shiny white sports kit, Alex Silvers chats about the sports he likes, and that the type of guy he prefers are older men. Then the solo begins, with Alex on the sofa, stroking his crotch. His legs are strong, smooth and tanned. He lifts his sports vest to reveal a defined smooth chest and a tight little six pack, and carries on rubbing the growing bulge in his shorts. He takes his top off, strokes his nipples, then shows off his throbbing bulge to the camera, gripping it at the base. Alex slides down his shorts, leaving him in just tight white boxer briefs. His bulge looks massive He strokes and squeezes, with sexy looks to the camera. When Alex peels down his undies, his solid cock springs out, slapping him hard on the tummy. It's a perfect cock, big, uncut and meaty, very thick from base to tip. He holds it at the base and giving us some horny close ups. Alex then plays with it gently, sliding the foreskin back and forth over the big head. Alex gets a big blob of spit onto the palm of his hand and massages it into the head and shaft. When he stands, his cock is proud and throbs as he looks down into the camera. He plays with his cock and speeds up, giving us more hands free action before going back to the sofa. Laying back, Alex works himself up and you can hear him getting close, his breathing louder and faster. Jerking off hard, his thick meat pumps out hot white spunk all over his sweaty six pack. He squeezes out every last drop, dripping down over his fingers, and gives us one final sexy look to camera.
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