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Ben Connor is a str8 rugby player, and at 6'3 he is HUGE With powerful shoulders and massive, hairy legs, Ben towers above you. He starts off in white adidas vest and shiny shorts, rubbing and squeezing his bulge. He then lifts his vest to show big dark nipples, which he plays with while massaging his pecs. When he takes his top off we see just how big, broad and powerful his chest is, with meaty pecs. Ben rubs body oil on his chest and then his massive and very muscular rugby legs. He then focuses on his cock. As he plays with it in his shiny shorts, it gets rock hard. He grips it at the base, so we can see the shape. You can clearly see he's not wearing underwear. Ben pulls down his shorts and his throbbing dick springs out. It's a good 7 inches, uncut with a big throbbing head, and an upward curve. He jerks off slowly, then pours lube over it, rubbing it in. His dick curves upwards and when he takes his hand off it, it stays rock solid. Very sexy He flexes his biceps for us, giving us some very horny low angle shots, looking up at his rock solid cock as it stands to attention and his big beefy body. Then he sits back on the sofa. His leg muscles look seriously huge in this position, so I did some hot close ups of them as well, as well as his perfect feet, which are huge, like the rest of him. Ben remains rock solid, showing his cock to the camera and jerking off, getting close. Finally, Ben stands and I film from below. He jerks off, his muscles start to tense, his breathing gets heavier. And then he shoots. Thick and heavy creamy white streams pour down from his big throbbing bell end. It's so hot I show it in slow motion. He squeezes out every last drop then takes his hand off his cumcovered dick, and we slowly zoom in as we fade to black.
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