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Fit gymnast Danny Chase chats first, then gets a very impressive bulge in his shiny sports shorts, and strips down to his white boxers. His body is smooth and defined, with a tight six pack. He shows off his seriously big bulge, stroking it, griping it at the base, before pulling down his undies. Holding up his cock, its a huge meaty 8.5 inches, uncut with plenty of foreskin, big bulging veins, and so thick he can only just reach around it. His pubes are natural and bushy. Danny rubs lube into it, and jerks off nice and slow, giving sexy looks to camera as he works his big meat. After some very hot big dick action on the sofa, he stands. He lets his dick hang for a bit, giving us some horny close ups, before running more lube into it and starts jerking off, slow at first, then getting faster, his massive meat throbbing. He goes back to the sofa to continue playing with his big meat, which throbs even harder than before, and looks massive now as he beats away. Getting faster, Danny's breathing starts to get louder as he gets himself close. Jerking off fast, he continues till the spunk squirts out thick and fast, a few strong jets of white jizz pumping out over his sweaty six pack. He squeezes out the remaining drops as he gives us final look to camera.
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