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If you like your men big, muscular and extra masculine, you're gonna love Harley Everett. He's a massive mountain of a man, towering at 6'4 with incredibly broad shoulders, enormous pecs and huge biceps. Add to that a shaved head and major tattoos for a striking and intense look. We start with an interview, and he talks about bodybuilding and his tattoos. As soon as he starts talking, it's Harley is deep and intelligent. Whilst clearly incredibly strong, he isn't aggressive, but more of a soulful, passionate kind of man. And he has a VERY deep voice, with a sexy Yorkshire accent. It makes for one very sexy package. After the interview, Harley gently rubs his crotch, biceps and chest his pecs are massive, and he has a pierced nipple, which he tugs and tweaks, as he rubs the bulge in his black shorts. Harley flexes his biceps for us before concentrating on the big growing stiffie in his shorts. He grips it firmly at the base, so we can see the bulging outline of it, then stands to give us a better view of his impressive physique. Oiled up, Harley then peels down his shorts to reveal a huge thick throbbing bulge in his white boxers. Everything about this guy is BIG and MEATY Harley slowly peels back his foreskin and the thick head of his cock glistens, moist with precum. He pours lube over the end of his dick, coats the head and shaft, and jerk off slowly, working his foreskin. He pulls hard on his big balls and returns to the sofa where he plays with his cock and balls a bit more, speeding up for a massive climax
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