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Appearing on camera for the first time, 18 y.o. Josh Miles is a confident, well spoken lad. He chats first about the type of guys he goes for, telling us he likes much older guys, and how he keeps fit. Josh begins on the sofa in shiny sports kit, sitting back and groping a very impressive looking bulge. He shows us the shape of it, then lifts his top to reveal his smooth tanned body. He rubs his dick through his shorts, then takes his top off. Josh gives us plenty of throbbing bulge in shorts action. He then pulls down his shorts, leaving him in just his sport socks and undies. You can see the outline of his huge cock, straining against the fabric of his tight white cotton briefs, moist with a fresh precum stain at the tip of his cock. As Josh squeezes, he gives us occasional sexy little looks. After more hot groping, Josh peels down his briefs, and his dick springs out. It's about 8.5 and uncut, with plenty of foreskin and throbbing veins. A seriously hot cock Josh slides his foreskin back and forth over the head of his big cock, squeezing it a little. The head glistens with precum as he continues jerking off then reaches for the lube. He works it in using both hands, squeezing the head of his cock between his fingers. Josh stands and lets his cock hang, thick and heavy, giving us more sexy looks. Back on the sofa, Josh jerks off fast. He makes little noise but shoots hard and plenty, with spunk squirting up his chest and dripping down to his tanned little abs. He squeezes out the last few drops which dribble down over his fingers, and looks to camera giving us a final sexy look.
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