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If you like your men on the big and beefy side, you're gonna love Russ Magnus. With his rugged good looks, powerful arms and massive solid legs...add to that his big meaty dick with generous foreskin, and you have one seriously hot hunk of man He starts off standing, with some horny bulge groping. He takes off his sports vest to reveal a broad muscular chest, then takes off his shorts. His legs are seriously huge bigger than most rugby players As he rubs and squeezes his bulge, he gets a good semi in his undies, then takes his cock out. It's a big, thick meaty dick, with plenty of foreskin, which he plays with for a bit, sliding his finger under it and around the head that's sticky with precum. Russ slides his foreskin back and forth, his cock getting bigger and thicker as it stiffens. He jerks off for a bit, giving sexy little looks to the camera, then flexes his biceps for us. Some close up foreskin action, then he rubs lube into his cock, making it throb. On the sofa now, Russ holds his rock solid girthy dick upright, shiny with precum, strokes it slowly, then gets down to some horny jerk off action. Getting himself close, then just edging for a bit, he keeps his cock on the verge of shooting. He slows it down, then wanks hard again. His muscles bulge and tighten as he gets closer, till the jizz starts spurting out in strong jets over his abs, and he shoots plenty, squirting almost ten times Squeezing out every last drop, Russ gives a final sexy look to camera.
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