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Scott Spencer starts off on the sofa, laying back, in shiny sports shorts and vest. He has a slim defined body with a smooth chest and hairy legs. What soon becomes clear is that Scott's cock never goes soft, not even for a moment. He enjoys showing it off, giving us lots of confident little looks as he strokes and grips it at the base, showing us the shape as it strains against the fabric. Scott takes off his vest and rubs his nipples with one hand whilst playing with his bulge with the other. After that, he slips off his shorts. Scotts bulge looks enormous in his little tight white boxer briefs. He teases us a bit more with some horny groping and squeezing, then pulls his undies off. What a great cock Uncut, straight and smooth, a good 8 with a nice thickness at the base, and a big bulging head. He plays with it, holding it up at the base and giving us some horny close ups. He reaches for the oil and pours a liberal amount onto his dick, rubbing it up and down the stiff shaft. He jerks off slow, switching hands, then reaches between his legs to play with his hole. It makes his dick throb even harder, and he pushes it straight up as fingers himself. Scott jerks off harder now, beating away faster at his shiny oiled up cock. It's not long before the spunk starts to fly, landing in thick puddles on his abs. He squeezes out the last few drops as he catches his breath. But this is only half of the solo, because a few minutes later, Scott is rock solid again, and ready for Round 2 He stands, cock even harder than before and pours oil all over it, working it in. Scott gives us some horny hands free action as he plays with his nipples. Very hot low angle shots here. Then Scott gets back to jerking off, giving us plenty of sexy little looks as he works on his impressive dick. Lots of great footage here, as he builds up for a second spunk load. And then Scott shoots. It's an insane amount of cum, and explosive, so thick and heavy you can hear it splatter on the floor. And it keeps on cumming It's such an amazing cum shot, I had to show it twice, in real time and then again in horny slow motion. SpunkTastic
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