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Super cute young fittie, Tommy Lee, puts on a great show for us in this sensational solo. Starting off standing, in a shiny white wrestling outfit, Tommy rubs his bulge and strokes his nipples, getting a nice semi under the lycra. Peeling it off, he start playing with his thick uncut dick, sliding his foreskin back and forth over the big head, moist with precum. As his dick gets hard, its gets really thick with some nice veins, and he rubs plenty of spit into it during the solo, keeping it really wet as he plays with it. He gives us some hot hands free action, playing with his nipples as his meaty cock throbs, rubbing more spit it and jerking off hard, giving plenty of sexy smouldering looks to camera. Laying back on the sofa now, Tommy continues with the hot cock action, with more spit, sometimes jerking off slow, showing off his great dick, sometimes hard. The muscles in his fit tanned body tense as he starts wanking harder, building himself up, and his cock looks even thicker now, the big head really bulges. And in horny slow motion we see Tommy's thick white spunk squirt out over his sweaty six pack, and plenty of it too. He continues squeezing it out, the jizz dripping down over his fingers, as he gives us a final sexy look to camera.
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